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10:43pm 31/10/2005
  halloween BLOWED this year  
so drama sucks   
08:42pm 23/10/2005
  some girl said she wants to kill me. thats scary. she said she can find out where i live and settle everything with a crowbar, knife, and bat. soo i want some pepper spray. betsy said she would get me a taser. haha i love you betsy. but yeah im kinda scared.  
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05:55pm 03/10/2005
  my brother always told me that when i got to highschool i would grow apart from some of my friends. i never believed him. too bad its true. im just now noticing that some of my friends and i are growing apart and i feel that it might be too late to try to fix it. of course i am going to try. im just not sure how itll work. so i have decided that i really need a best friend. at times i have thought i was best friends with someone but usually they dont feel the same way. i dont think i have ever had a best friend. i have best friends. but not a BEST friend. someone i can tell anything and everything to without having to worry about them telling it to anyone else. someone who will share these things with me. a shoulder to cry on. all that great stuff. idk i just have so much to say and no one to tell it to. so that kind of sucks. ok im done complaining.  
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02:24pm 11/09/2005



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michiles likess tof awrt   
02:12am 20/08/2005
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12:59pm 21/07/2005
  last night was fun. we went to the surf club and listened to daves band play. daves friend dave is really really cute! mmmmhmmmmm. daves band is really good too. and there was this old guy in a funny hat who was dancing all by himself right by the stage. he was like dancing with everything except his arms would stay still the whole time. lol i love old people. guh today imm grounded because my mom is a tard. oh yeah and earlier this week i met a guy named leif. i had never heard of that before. crazy eh?
lol i wish i was from canada
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11:08am 06/06/2005
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lordy thats cool
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haha the best ever!   
06:17pm 05/06/2005

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haha sweetttness   
12:09am 05/06/2005
  teapot twins03: well tenny is the tall funny on, betsy is the negative one, michelle is the bitchy one, kendra is the weird outgoing one, kimmy is the ....one, caitlyn is the loud one, kathryn is the slutty one
teapot twins03: but which one am i
teapot twins03: guh????
suicidalslugsss: the cool one!

thats right! im the cool one. lol. i look like a tomato. tenny and i were walking on the beach and i had my hands on my hips so now i have hand prints on my side. score! it sucks and its painful
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02:54pm 03/06/2005
  lizzie mcguire just mad me cry. thats so gay. well i decided that if i dont have a boyfriend or get my frigin kiss by the end of the summer someone is going to die. guh! and if this doesnt happen im just gonna walk up to some random boy and kiss him. lol. plus betsy and i made a bet so i would have to do that anyways. guh guh guh.  
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my wonderful day at the mall   
10:56pm 02/06/2005

mall time!Collapse )

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10:07pm 25/05/2005

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12:18pm 25/05/2005

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hahha i suck a sex
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summer is almost here!!!   
10:31pm 23/05/2005

today after school i went to get michelles present. after that i went to abbeys house. shannon was there and we took pics. yay for us! here all the pics from today


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wel hooooiowdy   
07:42pm 15/05/2005
mood: yuppers!
i went to shimmy by the sea this friday and it was really fun. we learned a bunch of awesome stuff. we might use it in future performances to im excited. and i bought a new costume! i post a pic later. i went to kathrines doodle and it was so much fun!!! im so sore from dancing and somehow i got a huge bruise on my knee. there was glitter allll over me last night and it took soo frigin long to get it off. i have never seen lots of my friends dance like that before! lol go yall! betsy wouldnt dance with me. she only did once and it was only like half a song. she didnt wanna dance with any of us. it was sad. while i was dancing some random GIRL fully grasped my butt. lol very unexpected. jeffrey was so fun to dance with lol. he kept licking his fingers and going all the way down to the floor. it was great. everyone was so sweaty and gross. that wasnt too great. lol. zach escorted kathrine out and they were so cute! when kathrine was dancing with her dad she started crying and it made me and like everyone else almost cry. it was so cute. we need to partay some more so yall need to throw some. NOW! i cant wait until i have a car.
peace out girl scout
i got bored   
10:17pm 12/05/2005

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i put my nickname is katherine because everyone always calls me katherine sherman lol

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lordy im bored

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what the hell is up with all these saying i only think about sex!?! i think about boys a lot but those are different

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09:14pm 12/05/2005
  kathryn is doing the performance with us. yay! i wont be all alone. well i went to dress rehersal today and i had put my whole costume on and everything. when i get there the only other person in there costume is kim and she had a cover up. guh. im glad that happened though because i figured out that i seriously need to sew the slits in my skirt closed further down my leg. lol sue was giving me bad looks while we were practicing. kim and kendra are coming over tomorrow morning at 10:30 and we are going to the beach then to the dance workshop. fun fun.
mango12tango: turn ur tv on 2 xh.37! hurry
mango12tango: *ch
mango12tango: hurry
teapot twins03: what channel?
mango12tango: 37
mango12tango: nickalodian
teapot twins03: ok its on why
mango12tango: nvm u missed it
mango12tango: it was the bong dance
teapot twins03: what was it
teapot twins03: omg i love it!!!
mango12tango: i noo
hahaha i remember them making me do that dance so many times. it was pretty fun though. i hope i get a tan this weekend. it probably wont happen but it would be pretty dern cool.
10:00pm 11/05/2005
mood: i hate this
today is the worst day ever
i asked kathryn to think of our inside jokes   
05:54pm 11/05/2005
  and right away she said "my cooter makes people cry" hahahahahhaah  
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08:28pm 09/05/2005
  !!!Happy Birthday Kathrine Galvan!!!